About NRHN

The Northern Radical History Network was set up on Saturday, 31 March 2012 in Manchester, by a group of people enthusiastic about the value of history as a radical activity in its own right. We welcome anyone who shares this basic belief.

The term ‘radical’ is also vague and ambiguous, but in this context we have a shared interest in those whose history is hidden, marginalised, forgotten or ignored by the dominant official, public and academic culture. What makes us radical is our common desire to overturn, subvert and challenge official orthodoxy.

We have chosen to use the ‘network’ form of organisation because we oppose hierarchies and centralised, top-down structures. A network is a way of expressing mutual support without seeking to dominate or patronise. It is essentially libertarian, rather than authoritarain, and that is also one of our shared values.

We hope that the Network will create a focus around which those who share our aims and values can group. We hope that we can encourage the growth of local radical history groups across the North of England. We hope we can support and encourage joint working on projects of common interest.. In time, our ambitions are limited only by our resources.

Feel free to join us!

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  1. Please could someone put me in contact with Christopher Draper as we would like him to come to the 2014 Launch of Black History Month in Colwyn Bay Council Chamber on Wed 1st Oct 4 – 8 as our focus is on the Congo Boys and we would like to see if he would be willing to join in a discussion / debate about the stories with another author who tells the story from his African perspective. I can be contacted at: lizmillman at yahoo.co.uk many thanks – we would like to hear from others with an interest in Black History related to North Wales and especially also around HM Stanley. All are welcome to the launch event more details will be pasted on http://www.bhmnw.com – but we have not updated it yet since last year! Liz Millman, Co-ordinator of Black History Month in North Wales and one of the Directors of the newly formed Wales Black History Association.

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