History of Adult Worker Education Conference- 28 November 2015, Huddersfield

Saturday 28 November 2015
History of Adult Worker Education Conference

The Society for the Study of Labour History autumn conference explores the History of Adult Worker Education from its nineteenth century origins to the demise of adult education in an age of austerity. The provisional programme can be down loaded here

Panel 1: 10.00 to 11.15
Nineteenth Century Initiative and Contestation

Maria Castrillo, ‘Knowledge is Good for the Soul’: the Fenwick weaver and the provision of adult literacy in 19th century Scotland
Richard Clarke, ‘Really Useful Knowledge’ and the foundation of the London Mechanics’ Institution
Colin Waugh, Contest over workers’ education, 1838-1854

Panel 2: 11.20 to 12.10
Alternative Sources of Education
John Field, Work as adult education: labour colonies and popular movements, 1890-1918
Tom Steele, The Leeds Arts Club and the Origins of Guild Socialism

Keynote 12.15 to 13.00
Problems of Independent Working Class Education
Richard Lewis, The Burning Question: the historical legacy of the Central Labour College

Lunch Break

Panel 3: 14.15 to 15.30
Inter- and post-war Adult Education
Jane Martin, The Bebel House Circle
Cristos Efstathiou, The Great Debate; Objectivity and Ideology in the Workers’ Educational Association
Tom Steele, Independence Struggles: University Extension, the WEA and extra-mural empires in Yorkshire 1873-1946

Panel 4: 15.35 to 17.00
The Demise of Adult Education
Martin Wright, The Rise and Fall of Adult Education in Rural Wales
Richard Taylor, The demise of ‘social purpose’ university adult education. Why did it happen? Why does it matter?
Cilla Ross, Healing the fault line in the age of austerity

This is a FREE conference but advance booking is necessary via Eventbrite

– See more at: http://www.sslh.org.uk/post.php?s=2015-09-06-adult-worker-education#sthash.oykAKko8.dpuf

One comment

  1. Dear Fiona

    Thanks for this. It looks fascinating I will definitely be there. Would there be any possibility of including me in the list of speakers please? I am heavily involved with the IWCEN movement, published a book on the Plebs League in the NE last year Left for the Rising Sun Right for Swan Hunter and am currently writing a biography of the Welsh autodidact Noah Ablett which will be published next year by the Socialist History Society. I am currently studying for an MA in history at the university of Cardiff.



    RC Turnbull

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