Between Idealism and Realism: The Labour Party and Empire- Manchester, 26 March 2015

Between Idealism and Realism: The Labour Party and Empire – 1900 to 1939

An evening public lecture of the History Department by Dr. Marcus Morri

Thursday, March 26, 2015, 7.00 pm to 8.45 pm


Lecture Theatre G 35 (Ground floor)

MMU New Business School

All Saints Campus

Manchester Metropolitan University

Oxford Road

Manchester M15 6BH.


Dr. Marcus Morris completed his doctorate at Lancaster University, and he is now Lecturer in History at the Manchester Metropolitan University. His general historical interests lie in the study of race, class and empire, but he specialises in the origins of socialism in Europe, the relationship between socialism and internationalism and the early history of the Labour Party. Dr. Morris will explain that, despite much anti-imperial rhetoric from its left wing, the Labour Party held an ambivalent attitude towards the British Empire before the Second World War.


No compulsory fee, but a voluntary contribution of £ 2.00 will be appreciated by the University as donation for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.

Free car parking is available after 5.00 pm in the large car park of the University behind the New Business School under the Mancunian Way. The entrance to the car park is from Chester Street which is not accessible from Oxford Road but from one of the side streets.

Contact person at the University: Burjor Avari, Department of History


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