A Festival of People’s History: Events in April and May 2015, Manchester

The Manchester Centre for Regional History at Manchester Metropolitan University is excited to announce a programme of talks in April- May 2015 on ‘People’s History’. Supported by the MMU’s Institute of Humanities and Social Science Research, the talks are part of the Humanities in Public Festival, which runs throughout the year  with talks, debates, fairs, tours, and other events and activities, all of which are open to the public.

The strand will see talks from Prof Sally Alexander from Goldsmiths, Prof Alun Howkins  from University of Sussex/ University of East Anglia; Peter Box, David Rosenberg and Roger Ball of the International History From Below Network; and Andrew Flinn from University College London.

The talks will explore the histories, practices and ideals of ‘People’s History’ (click on title for further details):

Further details of the talks, including booking information, will be released in due course.

This series coincides with MMU’s AHRC funded “Creating Our Future Histories” training programme designed to equip PhD students and early-career with public engagement and research partnership-building skills focussed around researching and recording local community histories.

All welcome. We hope to see you there!


  1. Looks to be an interesting programme. Hope there’ll be workshops and opportunity for participant involvement alongside the speakers from top table .

  2. Hi Rob, as they are evening events, we can’t really do workshops but I’m sure they’ll be plenty of room for discussion. Fiona.

  3. Professor Anthony Webster (Northumbria University) · · Reply

    Presumably Manchester as one of the great global centres of the co-operative movement should be a major theme? Can’t see anythiing!!

  4. Stephen Yeo · · Reply

    Is there anything about the Co-operative Movementt in the programme? If not, it would be a bit odd, in Manchester of all places? Has the Co-operative College been involved in the planning ? Do you want offers?
    solidarity from Stephen Yeo, chair of the Co-operative Heritage Trust

  5. I’m afraid the Cooperative movement will not be addressed directly through these events. As there are only three, short, public lectures, we chose to focus on three key forms of historical practice, as opposed to topics of history. If budgets and time allowed, I’d liked to have include many other topics and histories. I agree with you as to the Cooperative Movement’s importance to the region, having grown up in Rochdale.

    Stephen, thank you for the kind offer of a talk on the history of the Cooperative. If you would be in a position to talk about the history of the Coop in the North West, we’d be delighted to have you come along and give a talk about it at the Friends of the Manchester Centre for Regional History in Autumn 2015 (http://www.hssr.mmu.ac.uk/mcrh/events/). Please do let me know if this would be something you fancy. Equally, you may be interested in submitting a proposal on the Coop’s own people’s histories to the fourth Unofficial Histories conference in June, which I convene: http://unofficialhistories.wordpress.com/uh15/cfp/

    I do hope you’ll be able to come along to the events. Thanks again for your interest and your feedback.


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