Northern Radical History Network

The Northern Radical History Network was launched in Manchester on Saturday, 31 March 2012. There were representatives from Manchester and surrounding towns, as well as York and North Wales, with interest expressed from Derbyshire and Cumbria.

We decided to set up this blog, to create an email discussion group and a Facebook page and to get together again on 30 June 2012 to review progress, after broadening our base. We are not professional historians, but we are radicals of various persuasions, we all identify ourselves as northern and we all believe in the value of history as a radical activity in its own right. We hope this network will encourage the formation of local radical history groups similar to those in Bristol, Nottingham, North-east London and York (see links).

For more details of our aims and intentions, see About NRHN above. If you want to join in, please contact via the comment option.

One comment

  1. Impressed with the work going on in Yorkshire to remember the Luddites. Excellent presentation about activities in Bristol.

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